My name is Jaymie Jones

I love to create things with software and hardware, whether that be websites, web applications, podcasts, videos or photos.

Coder Catchup

Coder Catchup Podcast
& YouTube Channel

Weekly podcast featuring news, reviews, tips and more. The YouTube channel features the podcast, software reviews, demos and much more.


Design/Development Business

Pixelstack has been providing various online solutions since 2004 (formerly known as Triverse Designs) which has collaborated with various levels of clients, ranging from individuals, through to government.


Dabbling in some photography, capturing moments in various subjects.

Work History



April 2015 - Present

Role: Developer, API development with Ruby, front-end development with React. Responsibilities: Develop and maintain API and front-end, custom subscription system, custom ordering system.



July 2013 - Present

Role: Developer Responsibilities: front-end and back-end development for Rails applications and WordPress websites. General support, quoting and liaising with clients, maintaining and building features for in house management software. Highlights: Macca Award win for Oscar Oscar Salons website, custom quoting system, conversion of MYOB to Xero online accounting.



January 2004 - Present

Role: Owner/Developer Responsibilities: Overall running of the business, quoting, design, development, maintenance



July 2011 - 2013

Role: Developer Responsibilities: Build front-end requirements and integrate with a custom CMS. Back-end development of custom CMS. Highlights: Development lead on xocashflow, a Xero partner integration to follow up bad debtors. ElevationHQ a custom build CRM SaaS application.



June 2008 - July 2011

Role: Web Designer Responsibilities: Create custom CMS with Drupal, including design and implementation of custom design into theme. General maintenance of websites, quoting, eBrochures, EDMs, hosting support.

Software & Skills


Experience: 6 years

Developing ruby apps for over 6 years, primarily with Ruby on Rails but also with other frameworks such as Sinatra and Hanami.

This also included plain old ruby for non-web tasks or ruby gem development


Experience: 14 Years

Programming with Javascript for quite some time but only in the past 6 - 8 years that I have taken Javascript more seriously.

Primarily developing within frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular and jQuery.


Experience: 14 Years

I have been developing with PHP for most of my career, working with custom CMS development, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Codeigniter and some Laravel.

Most of my PHP development has been in Drupal and WordPress as well as some in-house CMS

SQL (Postgres, MySQL)

Experience: 14 Years

I have been developing websites and applications with SQL since the beginning, starting off with MySQL.

I eventually moved from writing raw SQL to using an abstraction library such as ActiveRecord for quite some time, which was when I also switched to mostly using Postgres.

At the moment I am developing more applications with raw SQL again

CSS Frameworks

Various CSS Frameworks, Less, Sass and Plain CSS Based

Developing websites and web applications with various CSS Frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Bourbon, Neat.


Experience: 3 Years

Developed websites and web applications with React, this involved entire applications as React as well as dropping in React into server side rendered applications.


Experience: 2 Years Experimenting

I have taken an interest in Elixir over the past 2 years writing sample applications and exploring the ecosystem with plain elixir and work with Phoenix.

This does not include any production application development and has only been experimented with in small allocations of time.


Experience: 9 Years

Using git in my day to day workflows for the past 9 years (previously using SVN).


Experience: 3 Years

Working to a minor capacity with docker, using standard docker as well as docker via docker compose to run local application development.

Server Management

Experience: 10 Years

General server provisioning and maintenance of linux based servers.

This has included setting up servers for new websites and applications manually and using some automation such as Chef and Ansible.

Using providers such as Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Rackspace and Mediatemple.

Adobe Creative Suite

Experience: 14 Years

Using various applications from the now known Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro being the primary applications.


Experience: 4 Years

My go to design tool/application of choice.


Drupal Gold Coast

Drupal Gold Coast

January 2011 - May 2017 (currently on a break)

Role: Co-founder and host Responsibilities: Organising and speaking

Ruby on Rails Gold Coast

Ruby on Rails Gold Coast

September 2012 - September 2015

Role: Co-founder and host Responsibilities: Organising and speaking

Open Source Contributions

Foundation by Zurb

Foundation by Zurb

Contribution: Added Height Fix For Object and Embed Tags PR:

Hanami Ruby Framework

Hanami Ruby Framework

Contribution: Update Documentation PR: